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Working to build and improve skateparks in Virginia’s Historic Triangle.

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TSA is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of fundraising to improve and build skate facilities in and around the historic triangle, to encourage and increase youth participation in skating, and to promote skate tourism to Central and Coastal Virginia.


Enhance and improve the skate park located at the James City County Rec Center on Longhill Road. Further efforts to include raising money for parks all along the peninsula.


Skating is a sport with rising popularity in the last few decades thanks to early breakouts like Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. It continues today with well- known skaters like Toby Bennett, Ryan Sheckler, & Andrew Reynolds. In 2020, skating will make the Olympics for the first time ever.

But why skating? Really. Quite simply because, as a Dad, I have witnessed no other sport that rivals skating in developing GRIT in its participants. Kids fall. And fall again. They get up and keep going. And keep going. It’s a life skill that one doesn’t learn as well in stick-and-ball sports where team work is of greater importance.

Skateboarding builds the discipline required to persevere and succeed in life; to fall down and get back up repeatedly on the way to mastery.



A major focus for us is getting more kids involved in the sport at a young age. We are actively and successfully recruiting local teenagers and young adults who are experienced to mentor, encourage, and lead organized skate camps to help beginner skateboarders build skills quickly & stay with the sport.

We will rely, when appropriate, on the volunteer help and time of parents, community members, and skaters to physically build the improvements (ramps, etc) we are funding.

Further, as advocating for budgetary consideration is key to our ongoing success, this same group of young leaders from primary school to young adulthood will become involved in the civic process as they contact local officials and attend public meetings of local legislative bodies.

Lastly, it’s vital for this group to create good will within the community by hosting park/community cleanup events and aligning various TSA events to also benefit established food drives, backpack collections, & holiday toy drives. This movement will thrive on the power of service to the community.


President Max Pfannebecker highlights our roots, our mission, and our future.


Your contribution goes directly to the cause. We have almost no operating cost, so ever dollar we get directly benefits a skatepark in our area.Our first capital campaign will be to improve the skatepark located at James City County Rec Center on Longhill Road in Williamsburg, VA.donate at

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